This month, to celebrate the launch of my new-look blog, I’m digging deep into the archives – there are a lot of posts here, from 2012 until today! And I’m featuring posts I wrote about five of my all-time favorite big cities: Sydney, London, Miami, Istanbul and Singapore. There is nothing quite like a visit to a big city to get your travel juices flowing: people, life, color, food. I hope you enjoy.

Category : Monthly Top 5

By: June 20, 2013

A Run in London

About ten years ago, in an effort to defeat (or at least slow the advance of) the bulge that seemed to be spreading uncontrollably around my belly, I took up running. Initially, it was a…

By: January 7, 2013

A Glass Bubble in Singapore

An old friend recently visited Singapore. It was her first time in the island-state, and so one sunny day I took her on a whirlwind sightseeing tour. We began at the Singapore River, where the…

By: August 14, 2012

Time Travel in Istanbul

En-route from Singapore to Poland this last week, I found myself with twelve hours in transit in Istanbul. Ordinarily a long layover like this would be a complete pain, but in this case it was good…

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