This month, I am raiding the vault to focus on some of the truly weird and wonderful experiences I have had on the road – those experiences that practically beg to become often-told stories. From throwing tomatoes in Spain, to eating python in London, to swimming with sharks in South Africa, to doing yoga with goats in Los Angeles, to the full spectacle that is the annual Burning Man “festival” in Nevada. Each unique; each amazing; each a resounding validation of one of my favorite quotes of all time: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” (Ibn Battuta). I hope you enjoy these stories.

Category : Monthly Top 5

By: October 3, 2018

Stories from Burning Man

Just over a year ago I traveled deep into the desert to attend Burning Man for the first time. An experience that was so amazing it has taken me a very long time to get…

Bucket List Moments
By: September 9, 2013

La Tomatina

I sometimes find myself doing things that are just, well, plain old weird. Things that beggar belief, defy any rational justification, and which afterwards leave me wondering: “What on earth was I thinking?” This pretty…

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